Saturday, July 27, 2013

New projects on the way!

It’s been a busy week of thrifty shopping for me.  After making that envelope pillow the other week, I was inspired to make a few more.  I took a stroll around Hancock fabrics, just to look, and walked out with a bag full of fabric and pillow forms.  Everything was on sale so I couldn’t resist.  For $65, I bought all this great stuff.

Reusing a couple old pillows I already have, and some grey fabric leftover from covering my living room walls with fabric (post on that adventure later) I have enough material to make six new pillows!  Here’s a sneak peek of my first two.  

I’ve wanted an ottoman for  a while, and with some inspiration from Pinterest, I’m going to turn this $5 Ikea Lack table I bought off Craigslist into something like this.



I don’t know what fabric I’m going to cover it with, yet, so that project is on hold until I finish a few other things.  (Like maybe buying the chair that I envision sitting next to the ottoman!)

I was staring at my bedroom wall the other day and thinking it’s a bit boring and empty looking - some diy craftyness is in need.  So it seemed like fate the next day when Michaels was having a super sale on their basic canvas - 3 canvas for the price of 1 - and I had received a 20% off everything coupon in my email that morning.  $7.50 later, I had three canvas, a 12x24 and two 12x12, and grand visions of some amazing canvas art. 

I’m going to have to ponder for a while exactly what I’m going to do.  I am definitely going to be covering the canvas with fabric, whether it’s premade or designed by me.  I’ve been really digging the Japanese sashiko patterns in my Martha Stewart Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts. 

They’re really graphic looking.  I’ve also been wanting to stamp fabric for curtains forever, but it takes so much fabric to make a curtain it seemed daunting.  This might be a good size to start with.  And I’ve been wanting to try my hand at applique, too!  So who knows what I’ll decide to do. Maybe I’ll do a different craft for each canvas, but in similar colors and shapes so they connect.  

Stay tuned for more diy home decor projects!