Thursday, July 11, 2013

Envelope Backed Pillow Cover

Here’s a quick and easy way to spruce up your living room decor.  Using leftover fabric from my fabric backed display cases  and my trusty Martha Stewart “Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts” book for directions, I had a new pillow on my couch in under an hour.  Here’s how to make one:


Fabric - enough to cover your pillow form + six inches
Pillow form
Thread to match
Sewing Machine
Basic sewing supplies (scissors, measuring tape, pins, etc)

Step one:  Determine the amount of material needed for your pillow.  Measure your pillow:  Add one inch to the height for the seam allowance.  Multiply your length times 2 and add 6 inches (for the envelope part) Ex:  My pillow is 14” x 14” - my fabric is 15” x 34”.

Step two:  Using fabric chalk or disappearing ink, measure and draw your dimensions on your fabric.  I used a measuring tape and chalk to mark my dimensions and then drew my outline using a metal ruler.  Cut your fabric out.


Step three:  Place your fabric upside down on an ironing board.  Using a ruler and pins, fold your two longest sides ½” over and press with an iron.  Fold over another ½”, press again and pin to hold your hems in place.  Sew your hems ⅛” from the inner fold (3/8”  into your fabric measuring from the edge.)



Step four:  Placing your fabric face down on your work surface, fold your two hemmed edges over each other, overlapping them by 4 inches.  (See where the extra 6 inches comes in.)  Measure your square to make sure it fits your pillow dimensions.  

Step five:  Pin the top and bottom edges and sew with a ½” seam allowance.  (If your fabric has a repetitive design like mine, make sure to line up your design before pinning so it doesn’t end up off-center.)  Turn your pillowcase right side out.  Use a point turner or a pair of scissors to push your corners out.


Step six:  Insert your pillow form and enjoy!

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