Thursday, September 27, 2012

Back from summer break!

After a long hiatus involving lots of packing, moving, and unpacking, I am getting settled into my new apartment.  I am really excited about my new place, in part because I get to decorate a new space, and in part because I finally have a craft room!  My boyfriend and I moved into a two bedroom 4-plex and have turned the master bedroom into a craft/work room for all of our hobbies.  We've split the room pretty much down the middle - I love the juxtaposition of our things.  My side is filled with colorful yarn, soft fabric, and wooden spice racks and printer's cases filled with buttons and random delights while Noah's side has wooden cases stuffed with tapes, photography equipment, electronic gadgets, and crates filled with wires, knobs, and circuit board wizardry.  It is a wonderful space to create in.

 Since moving into our new place, Noah and I have continued our love of thrift store shopping by discovering some amazing finds.  Noah's best hit was a 1965 Stemlite lamp base designed by Bill Curry which he found for $4 at one of our new favorite thrift stores.

Noah found them selling for anywhere from $175 to $450 at online auctions with the original glass lamp shade.  We only had the base, but with a bit of digging at ReStore, I found a bubble dome that looked like it would fit our new lamp for $1.  Tada!

Only $5 and I'm the proud owner of a mid-century lamp.  Yay for thrifting! To finish the week off even better, Noah and I found a nice lamp and desk on the side of the road for free.  (The vast majority of our furniture, accessories, dishes... everything we either got at thrift stores or for free - which disproves the notion that you have to spend a lot to have nice things.)

Hello new work desk!

I'm in the middle of a number of home decor and crochet projects and will post pictures as I complete them.  I also mailed off a special present to a special new person and will post photos of that finished piece once the adorable recipient has gotten his present. 

That's all for now - happy crafting!

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  1. Miss you! Glad to hear you are settling into your new place! I am TOTALLY jealous of the master bedroom sized craft room you have going there. It sounds wonderful! My set up in the basement is nice, no doubt... but it has one major drawback. It's in the basement. ;)